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March 08

Welcome to the Spring
issue of HedsUP!

As fears grow of a continued slowdown in activity, there is a perceptible shift in emphasis from firms across the spectrum. Two trends are emerging among the leading players – a renewed focus on key client management together with longer-term strategic clarity and rigour to ensure that a compelling position can be crafted in the face of increased competition.
On a related theme, I chaired The Lawyer 3rd Annual Business Development Conference at the end of February. On the opening day, the FT published two stories – on pages one and three – which lambasted law firms for outdated practices, lack of client orientation and fee levels that were wildly out of kilter with the value that was being delivered. On the same day the conference heard how the Law Society Commerce & Industry Group of leading in-house lawyers had published a research report, Stop the Clock?, that demanded changes to the ways in which lawyers charged for their services and a better alignment between fees demanded and value delivered.
  There is a new commercial
reality emerging, spurred by
a more challenging economic climate, that will create opportunities for the forward-looking firm but which will
be hugely challenging for those entrenched in the past.

I hope that you find this issue of HedsUP! of interest. Please give me a call if there is anything that you would like to discuss or need more information about.
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  Andrew Hedley

Andrew Hedley
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The White-Knuckle Ride
of Reputation Management

As Benjamin Franklin so wisely said, “It takes many good deeds to build a good reputation, and only one bad one to lose it”. His words should be a wake-up call for managing partners who have placed their trust in the fingers-crossed method of reputation management, rather than adopting a more thoughtful and measured approach. More

Delegated Authority of Managing
Partners’ Survey

The results of a survey examining the delegated authority of Managing Partners were presented by Andrew Hedley to the London Managing Partners’ Forum in early March. If you would like a copy of the slides please email Andrew or to read a review of the presentation click here.

I’ll tell you what I want,
what I really, really want...

The return of the Spice Girls and their Wannabe anthem offers a timely reminder to professional services marketers of the requirement to understand and deliver the needs of their clients. This is best achieved by listening instead of telling and by acting on the basis of a deep understanding rather than a range of self-serving suppositions. More
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MPF European Practice Management
Awards 2008

Andrew Hedley will again be a member of the judging panel of the MPF Annual European Practice Management Awards. Europe’s premier awards for excellence in professional services management, now in their 7th year, showcasing leadership in a wide range of management disciplines. The ceremony and gala dinner will take place on 8 October in London. For more information about the awards click here.

Andrew Hedley presented to the Bristol PM Forum on Knowlegeability, outlining his thinking on the most effective way to utilise knowledge assets and turn insights into action. To read the PM Forum's review of the event click here or to request a copy of the presentation slides email Andrew.

The Lawyer Legal Business Development
Conference 2008

Andrew Hedley chaired the 3rd Annual Legal Business Development Conference from The Lawyer magazine at the end of February. The conference focused on optimising business development and achieving superior client service, greater market understanding and enhanced profitability.
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