Changed Minds

June 23, 2010 / by admin / Leadership / 0 Comments

“My dear friend, clear your mind of can’t.” Samuel Johnson

The challenge of change remains the most pressing issue facing firms. Overcoming longstanding, deeply held assumptions about the way in which a professional should, or can, operate is the cultural roadblock that many need to overcome.

A different way of thinking must permeate all aspects of the firm. A changed mindset to address the “how”, “who” and “where” elements of operational efficiency is key. But most importantly a different perspective on the “what” aspects of business vision is required.

What sort of firm do we want to be? What do our target clients and markets need today and in the future? What should our service profile look like and how can we develop it? What shape of infrastructure is needed to support this? What sort of people do we need? Answering these strategic questions with clarity allows the business to plot a course with high levels of certainty.

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