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What will changes to the syllabus mean for you?

Changes to the CIM syllabus could mean that the minimum overall period for completion of the Professional Diploma for some delegates will increase from one year to two.

From 1st June this year, the new syllabus means, unless you have a degree with at least 30% marketing content, you will have to complete the CIM Professional Certificate course as a foundation before moving onto the Diploma.

So, if you are contemplating the Diploma but don’t have a first degree with marketing content then now would be an opportune time to make a decision! Enrol for the current syllabus before 1st June and you will have one year to complete the Diploma (i.e. by June 2010) by distance learning without having to undertake the Professional Certificate first.

Moving beyond June this year, there will be clear criteria:
• For those without prior marketing qualifications, studies will commence with the one year CIM Professional Certificate in Marketing which will give access to the Diploma.This gives an overall understanding of the workings of a marketing department and practical learning on marketing communications. The course is suitable for those new to marketing and with limited academic qualifications or delegates with non-marketing degrees and limited marketing experience.

• If you have a Business Degree with over 30% marketing content, you can start on the new one year CIM Professional Diploma for those in Professional Services syllabus either by Distance Learning or by attending Executive Weekend Courses, Saturday Seminars or Professional Services Evening Classes in London.

Don’t forget that this is the only professional services focussed programme leading to the CIM Professional Diploma; it has exam papers and assignments written with professional services in mind and a range of tutors with specific expertise and many years of experience in the sector. As currently, after successfully completing the programme delegates receive both the CIM Professional Diploma in Marketing together with the Cambridge Marketing College PSMG Diploma in Professional Services Marketing.

A further development for those with a Business Degree (or MBA) with over 50% marketing content, as well as substantial senior management experience, is the new CIM Chartered Postgraduate Diploma. This two year course is an exciting proposition. In the first year, four modules and examinations are undertaken. Year two is given over to a business project, within the delegate’s own organisation, with personal mentoring by marketing gurus.

For more information about all these study options call Cambridge Marketing College or go to the website at

What should be clear, for both current delegates and those considering their options, is the high importance of formal marketing qualifications in the current recessionary climate.

With the sector under increasing economic pressure, firms are able to be very discerning as to those they employ. An opportunity to get a head-start on the road to qualification is something worthy of very serious consideration.

This article was published in May 2009 by the PSMG Magazine. To read the original article click here.

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